Why You Should Blog on Your Independent Audi Repair Shop Website

Just as the engine is the heart and soul of any Audi, content is the same for your Audi repair shop website. But that doesn’t mean just any old content. The best type of content to include on your auto repair website is fresh, relevant and engaging information.

What Will Blogging Do For My Audi Service Shop?

First of all, blogging will help drive traffic to your website. Your blog posts will be indexed by the search engines, especially if you use key terms that customers are searching. This gives your shop the opportunity to show up in natural search results, which in turn, will lead potential customers into your doors.

Secondly, blogging is a direct way to effectively communicate with your customers. Customers shouldn’t be just a face and a name, if you want them to keep returning to your shop for their Audi repairs. Blogging proves to be a channel to connect with them. Also, if your shop uses social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), it’s a great way to tie your social media presence together.

Blogging 101 for Your Audi Repair Shop’s Website

Blogging on your Audi service center’s website doesn’t have to be difficult with these quick tips.

Things to include in your blog:

  • Shop updates (we’re moving locations, we’ve partnered with ::insert brand/product name here::).
  • Shop specials/promotions (e.g. 10% off all services over $75 in March).
  • Recent projects your shop is working on (Restoring a classic Audi, Preparing for race track day in April, etc.).
  • “How To” tips. Share your expertise with your audience.
  • Photos (images of your upgraded customer lounge, recent Audis you’ve worked on, etc.).

*Be sure to include calls-to-action in each blog post, at the bottom (e.g. Call us today to make an appointment, Click here to fill out a service request form, etc.)

How often should I blog?
As often as you feel, but try at least twice a month--every other week. You want to make sure you are producing new content to keep your audience engaged and wanting to frequent your blog.

What if I don’t have time?
No time, no worries. There are several freelance websites out there where you can aid in the help of a writer, such as Elance.com, etc. Choosing a freelancer with industry knowledge is probably best, it will cost you, but not too much compared with the potential benefits.

I am not a designer, how do I create a blog?
Don’t worry about hiring an expert web designer. With the user-friendly blog platforms of WordPress and Blogger, no expert designers are needed. Bonus: they are free web blogging platforms!

Bottom line: Content is king for your Audi repair shop website. An easy way to add content is through blogging. The more fresh and relevant the content, such as through blog posts, the better indexed it will be in the search engines. This will make it more accessible for potential clients to find your shop.