C6 Audi A6 Water Pump Failure

Audi’s midsize luxury sedan, the Audi A6 C6, is the third installment in a four generation series currently offered for sale in the United States. Audi’s A6 line is often cited as high-class luxury in mid-class pricing. With a variety of engine and performance options Audi has ensured to meet a wide range of tastes and styles with their A6 line.

The Audi A6 C6 is a solid vehicle that performs well in a variety of weather conditions, with front wheel drive standard on all vehicles. There is an all-wheel drive Quattro package also available for those that experience more severe winter driving conditions. The Audi A6 C6 is highly praised for its safety package, with driver and passenger side airbags and a five-star vehicle crash test rating.

An occurrence some Audi owners have complained of is premature failure of the vehicle’s water pump. A leaking water pump is often characterized by coolant that leaks while the engine is running, or a telltale puddle left behind where the car was parked. Any sign of leaking fluid from your vehicle warrants a trip to your local Audi import service mechanic for examination.

The earlier models of Audi A6 C6 series were equipped with a hard plastic water pump that, over time, may become warped and cause leaks from the reservoir. Continuing to drive your vehicle with a leaking water pump will eventually cause the engine to overheat and possibly engine failure. Taking your car to the nearest German auto specialist is the best way to avoid these costly and time consuming problems.

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