C6 Audi A6 MMI Module Issues

The Audi A6 C6, produced between 2004 and 2011, is the third generation of Audi A6 in the four generations of A6 currently offered by Audi. The C6 is a slight redesign on the third generation model that occurred about halfway through its production run.

The Audi A6 C6 has been highly praised in auto reviews for its affordability among luxury midsize models. All Audi A6 models come with a variety of luxury standards in the cabin including heated leather seats, dual climate control, and Audi’s interactive Multimedia control unit (MMI console). The MMI unit control Bluetooth functions, navigation system, radio and CD player and a host of other entertainment options available on Audi A6 C6 vehicles.

One problem Audi A6 drivers experience is failure of this MMI control unit. Audi drivers report that the MMI unit will suddenly cease to respond to inputs, or the phone system will get stuck on the ‘please wait’ prompt. The radio may turn itself on or off suddenly or the navigation system will fail to function. Often, these problems seem to crop up in rainy or high moisture weather. If you are experiencing any of these issues, the best course of action is to take you Audi A6 C6 straight to your German import service technician for diagnosis of the problem.

By design, the electronics for the MMI unit are housed in the left rear trunk compartment of the Audi A6. Moisture can leak into the compartment, and problems with the rear washer hoses leaking into this compartment have been reported. Your Audi import specialist can advise if this is your issue and work with you to restore electronic convenience to your Audi A6.

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