Common Repairs on the C6 Audi A6

The third generation of the Audi A6, the Audi A6 C6, is a midsize luxury car manufactured by German Automaker Audi from 2004-2011. It was replaced by the fourth generation Audi C7 from 2012 forward, but many Audi A6 C6’s remain in service today. A few of the most common problems reported by Audi A6 C6 owners include:

Timing Chain Issues: Many Audi owner have complained of issues with the timing chain, especially misfiring or loud noises coming from the engine compartment.

MMI Module Issues: The multimedia interface on some Audi units will suddenly cease to function, or might be stuck on certain prompts. Often this is caused by water damage to electronic components.

Steering Problems: Some Audi A6 C6 drivers complain their vehicle experiences shuddering while navigating turns or has clunking or squeaking noises while steering. Loose bolts in the steering rack may be to blame.

Trunk Latch Problems: Other Audi owners have problems with their trunk latches, especially in cold weather. Audi is aware that there is a defect in some earlier A6 C6 models and have a redesigned replacement trunk latch available.

Water Pump Failure: Older Audi A6 C6 models were equipped with a hard plastic water pump, with may become misshapen or warped over time. New models have aluminum pump and the older hard plastic models are replaced with these.

An appointment with a nearby Audi service technician is the best way to diagnose and resolve any of these or other issues you may be experiencing with your Audi A6 C6. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and safety will impress and exceed your expectations.

Search for a local, independent Audi repair shop with Audi mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.