B6 Audi A4 Coil Pack Problems

Audi is the maker of the A4 line of popular executive compact cars. The A4 is available in a few different body styles including a saloon/sedan as well as an estate/wagon. The B6 is also available as a convertible. These sleek compacts tend to get rave reviews from Audi aficionados but sometimes problems to occur with these vehicles.

There have been issues with the coil pack on some vehicles. Audi dealt with the problem by contacting all its customers who might possibly be affected. Owners were encouraged to bring their vehicles into local Volkswagen service experts to look into it. In the event that Audi owners were unable to bring their vehicles in for inspections, mechanics were sent out to the car owner's home.

The problem occurred specifically in Audis with a 1.8T coil pack and even within that number only a small percentage experienced failure. Even so, the recall was a good call on the part of this Volkswagen subsidiary, but they were certainly beginning to feel the heat of the complaints of a growing number of drivers who were having major issue with coil failure despite low mileage on their vehicles. Outside of this recall, if you are experiencing coil pack failure, you still need to have this issue looking into by a mechanic.

If you are an Audi driver who has experienced a problem with the car's coil packs, it is strongly recommended that you have this looked into by an expert, local Audi repair mechanic. At the very least you should do a little research to see if your Audi is one of the models affected by the coil pack recall.

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