Common Repairs on the 2nd Generation Audi Q7

The Second Generation Audi Q7 (introduced in 2015) represents a refined and technologically advanced evolution of Audi's midsize luxury SUV. It features a sleek and contemporary design, with a spacious and well-appointed interior offering advanced technology and premium materials. Common issues do arise with the 2nd gen Audi Q7, and can be found below.

Fuel Leakage: This is due to a fuel leakage from the left and right fuel rails in the 2nd gen Q7. You may notice this due to a smell of gasoline. There was a recall for this so bring your Q7 to an Audi repair mechanic.

Water Pump Failure: If your Q7 is leaking coolant, then it is probably because of a water pump failure. If this is the case, the engine can get hot and overheat, so you should have an experienced Audi technician take a look.

Brake Squealing: The 2nd Generation Q7 is known for having a high-pitched squealing coming from the brakes. This can be both annoying and embarrassing at times.

Sunroof Drains Clogging: Some owners have reported that the sunroof drains clogged up and caused a leak. Sometimes it’s as easy to clear out the drains to mitigate this issue.

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