Common Repairs on the 2nd Generation Audi Q5

The Second Generation Audi Q5, introduced in 2016, represents an evolution of Audi's popular luxury compact SUV. The 2nd gen Q5 maintains its reputation for providing a comfortable and well-rounded driving experience, making it a competitive choice in the premium compact SUV segment. Below are the common issues owners have with the 2nd gen Q5.

Braking Problems: Sounds of squealing when braking has been reported by owners, as well as early brake pad wear and spongy feeling brakes.

Fuel System Issues: Many owners have complained of a sudden stall, reduced mileage and reduced performance. This may be due to a defective fuel pump or faulty fuel injectors. Have a specialized Audi repair shop take a look (or listen) for you.

Drivetrain Issues: Owners have noted clunking noises, excessive vibrations and reduced traction in their 2nd gen Q5. Possibly due to broken driveshafts or corroded transfer case parts, it is wise to take your Audi in for proper inspection by a German auto repair specialist.

Transmission Problems: From a faulty transmission sensor, a slipping transmission and broken oil seals, transmission problems are apparent in the 2nd generation Q5.

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