2nd Generation Audi A3 Door Wiring Harness Problems

Audi began manufacturing the 2nd generation of their massively popular A3 series in 2003 and finished the incarnation a decade later, in 2013. The 2nd generation featured dramatic improvements on the original automobile, including a new Fuel Stratified Injection System, a larger interior, an updated gearbox, and a groundbreaking design by car legend Walter de Silva. Like any complicated machine, the A3 does experience some malfunctions now and again. A common one is a problem originating with the door wiring harness.

When the power begins to cut out from any one door, chances are that the problem lies somewhere behind the door panel and not, say, with a fuse or the ignition switch—problems that would affect the rest of the doors. Sometimes the unresponsive window can be the result of a bad regulator motor, but there is an equally good chance that the issue stems from the wiring harness.

The wiring harness is a cluster of electrical wires that supply all power to all parts of the door. Due to normal environmental pressures and slamming, some or all of these wires can begin to develop splits and cracks, sometimes extreme enough to pull them apart. Because most people are not in the habit of pulling off their door panel at the first sign of trouble, discovering that the wires are breaking before the fact is rare.

Letting a loose or exposed wire exist in the car is definitely a dangerous situation, and the car could short out or a fire could begin if the situation isn’t solved. We highly recommend arranging a meeting with a specialized Audi repair technician in order to fix the issue and get your windows back in order.

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