Common Repairs on the 2nd Generation Audi A3

The 2nd Generation of Audi’s popular A3 model reached showrooms in 2003 and ran until 2013. Featuring a more spacious interior, a design by automotive genius Walter de Silva, and a more efficient and powerful gearbox, this new addition to the small car market certainly turned more than a few heads during its release. Unfortunately, it also came with its share of problems, some of which were widespread enough to cause Audi to issue a recall. Some of the more common issues plaguing A3 owners include:

Leaking Fuel Problems: Puddles underneath the car and/or a drop in fuel economy can indicate that there is a fuel leak somewhere in the car. It could lie in the fuel lines or it could be a bolt on the tandem fuel pump cover.

Oil Consumption: Certain A3 models, particularly those with TSI engines, have had reports of excessive oil consumption. This issue might require regular monitoring and top-ups.

Direct-Shift/Clutch Problems: While the improved gearbox does allow the A3 greater shifting power and speed than any other manual or automatic transmissions, it also suffers from a certain power malfunction that can cause the entire car to shut down. Audi did issue a recall for this part that affects certain years of the A3.

Carbon Build-Up (Direct Injection Engines): Like many direct injection engines, A3 models with certain engines might experience carbon build-up on intake valves, leading to rough idling and decreased performance over time.

Regardless of the issue, taking care of your car’s health is vastly important. Scheduling an appointment with a local Audi repair expert can save you a world of trouble and a large deal of money.

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