2nd Generation Audi A3 Central Locking and Radio Failure

The 2nd generation Audi A3 is impressive for many reasons. First, it’s got an unmistakable design by automotive genius Walter de Silva. Second, it built brilliantly off of the original A3 specifications by becoming larger, more powerful, and more customizable. Finally, it introduced the Audi line to the revolutionary Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) system, dramatically increasing fuel efficiency and decreasing exhaust emissions. 2nd generation A3 owners commonly report problems with their radio and central locking system turning on and off randomly.

If it were just the central locking that was failing, or if just the radio was going out, then it could lie in any number of specific issues such as fuses, central locking hoses, or other such things. The fact that both are occurring in tandem indicates a joint solution. In fact, many owners have found that the cause stems from a problem with the ignition switch.

The ignition switch causes the initial spark that starts the car, but it also allows energy from the battery to power all the various electrical components in the vehicle. Over time, the connectors in this switch can become covered with grease and other sorts of dust and grime, causing the power to arc and make a faulty connection. Failure of the central locking system and the radio are prime examples of what happens when the ignition switch isn’t working properly.

Taking care of this issue does not need to be a hassle. Scheduling a stop at a nearby Audi service shop will get your car in the hands of skilled mechanics who know everything there is to know about your vehicle and how to repair its various parts.

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