2nd Generation Audi TT Intermittent Steering Wheel Vibrations

The Audi TT has been produced by the German carmaker, VW since the late 1990s. Two generations of this sporty two door sedan have been produced including a 2-seater roadster model. TT may stand for Technology and Tradition, but sometimes it can develop problems that require repair.

Some owners of the Audi TT have complained of an excessive vibration of the steering wheel. This problem seems to increase relative to the rate of speed. Other drivers maintain that the problem only occurs at very specific speeds, above 75 miles per hour, for example, but not over 85 miles per hour. Of course, these speeds are in violation of speed limits in every U.S. state, however, this could be a sign of future problems with the steering column.

Some Audi owners have addressed the issue by having the front tires balance, but this does not seem to solve the problem. A general inspection of the wheels hubs and steering column revealed no cause for such a problem. This vibration occurs regardless of the roughness of the road as well.

Keeping below the posted speed limit may help, but if the problem persists or worsens, it's a good idea to take your Audi TT to a local Volkswagen service expert for repair. It is obviously a safety issue to have the steering column shake or vibrate uncontrollably no matter what rate of speed you are traveling. This is not a problem that you should put of addressing and it may very well lead to further complications down the road.

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