1st Generation Audi TT Bad Coil Packs, Anti Roll Bars and Timing Belt Systems

Audi named their now classic TT line of two-door sports cars after a legendary motorcycle race that takes place on the British Isle of Man. The 1st generation of the TT, which saw production between the years of 1998 and 2006, certainly lived up to its namesake’s status, and is now one of the most recognizable cars in the world. Audi has admitted that the coil packs, anti roll bars, and timing belt systems on certain years are not to be trusted.

Three of the most important systems in your car are the coil packs, the roll bars (or sway bars), and the timing belt system. To break it down simply, coil packs are what take the low voltage from the battery and turn it into the thousands of volts needed to make the car engine turn over and run. The roll bar is a system of short arms linked together with a torsion spring that connect the left and right side of the car. Finally, the timing belt makes sure that all the camshaft rotates at the precise speed needed for the various pistons and valves in the engine open and close at the correct time.

Audi issued recalls on many of these parts due to their integral nature in the car’s operating systems. A broken or malfunctioning coil pack will likely manifest itself in the car’s inability to start, and intermittent running of all electrical systems. Loud noises coming from the suspension could indicate a need for a greased suspension system, but they just as likely mean that the roll bar needs replacing. A broken timing belt is most readily identified when the car turns over many times before the engine catches.

If any of these issues is allowed to continue unchecked, it could mean that you are doing irreparable damage to your car and putting your passengers and yourself in danger. To ensure both your safety and the car’s, take your TT to a nearby Audi repair expert for a comprehensive diagnostic.

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